Is Treated Lumber Safe?

Are Treated Wood Decks Safe?

Is treated wood safe?

Whenever you hear the word treated, the first thing that comes to mind is "CHEMICALS." And that is exactly what wood is treated with. Treated wood is used all over the country, but states are finally starting to crack down on the way we can use treated wood. 

For example, in 2020, the state of California issued a law banning the improper disposal of treated wood because of its toxic properties.

"The California Department of Toxic Substances Control says the wood contains toxic chemicals and cannot be burned, dumped or even left on the ground for more than 90 days."

If California is banning the disposal of treated lumber, what states are going to follow in the future?

The appeal of treated wood is that it is affordable, long-lasting, and easy to find. However, is it worth the price you have to pay for potential risk to your family? Is it worth the hassle you'll have to go through when it's time to dispose of it? What is the risk versus the reward? Is the reward enough? 

This recent ban has the DIYers and weekend warriors wondering what their home improvement projects will look like. How will they be able to build their decks? If they use the cheaper treated wood option, what will it cost their family?

So, if treated wood is out… then what's in? 

With treated lumber decks phasing out, what material will provide that sleek, long-lasting decking in our backyards in the coming years?

The Modular Decks of America Way (Steel Frame, Bamboo Composite Decking, Steel Railings, and Steel Stairs)

The decking of the future, TODAY! But now you're left wondering the price and the longevity of your deck if you ditch the treated wood route.

Modular Decks of America's paving the way for affordable, reliable, long-lasting, and beautiful decks – at a fraction of the cost!

Wood Decks vs. Steel Decks

Our revolutionary steel frame and bamboo composite decking is not only environmentally friendly, it's safer for your home and family, easier to install, increases your home's value, and even lasts longer than treated wood decks! 

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