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Our Pre-Cut Deck Kits Make It Simple

Decks have been built the same way for too long. It's time to revolutionize decking. 

This is a new concept; we deliver a pre-cut, pre-fabbed deck kit to your home for an easy, one-day installation. Decks have been built the same way for too long. They require a professional, skilled crew and it can be a nightmare to get the job done. Not anymore.

With Modular Decks of America, you can install the deck yourself if you like DIY projects (perfect for a weekend), have Modular Decks of America install it for you in one day, or have us help you out with a partial-install to get you started.

Revolutionizing Decks and Saving You Money

The best part about our Deck Kits is that they are cost-effective with a fast, easy installation process. You choose the deck in the size and color you want from our website and we ship this directly to your house for a one-day install.

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Save Cost and Enjoy Your New Deck in No Time

Our goal is to change the way decking is done to make your life easier and with over 30 years of experience, our proprietary deck kits do the trick. This maintenance free deck is built in our quality-controlled facility that does precision construction with minimal waste. This concept provides you with little disruption to your schedule, your wallet, your yard, and your landscaping - and you get a beautiful deck.




Luxury Decks that are Innovative, Cost-Effective, & Convienent

Gone are the days of needing expensive labor and a long timeline to build a beautiful, long-lasting deck. Discover the benefits of our new, maintenance-free, Pre-Cut Deck Kit.

Pick Your Plan

You pick the assembly plan that fits your budget best:

  • Build it yourself from our pre-cut materials, delivered to your door.
  • Full installation by Modular Decks of America in one day or less.
  • Parital installation to save cost; have our staff set things up and help out with the more advanced steps.
  • Our Exit and Grill Deck options come pre-assembled, pre-built, delivered right to your door and installed by our staff.

We want everyone to enjoy the luxury of a beautiful deck, and now you can set up your job in a way that fits your budget with these options. 

Are you a weekend warrior who loves DIY? Shop our Deck Kits now to get one delivered to your door. It can take as little as half a day to install a modular, Pre-Cut Deck Kit from our store with our crew and about one-day if you do it yourself. 


Get the Return on Investment You Deserve with a Modular Deck

Adding a deck onto your home is a great investment and we want everyone to be able to have the luxury of having their very own deck. A deck is a place to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, a place to truly create long-lasting memories. This is why you need a long-lasting deck built with quality materials. 

  • Our deck floors use composite materials and the railings are vinyl, maing it a maintenance-free deck
  • We offer a warranty on our materials and work
  • Financing packages are available for our Pre-Cut Deck Kits.
  • Our process allows us to build in one-day with pre-fabbed materials.
    • This reduces the time and money spent coordinating the job
    • This allows our decks to built by anyone with just a few tools
    • We offer partial and full deck installation to fit your budget needs

Browse Our Decks 

Browse our pre-cut deck options. We include financing!

10x10 Kit

Pre-Cut Deck for DIY Assembly

Starting at $5900.00
Product ID # : 10x10
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16x16 Kit

Pre-Cut Deck for DIY Assembly

Starting at $8900.00
Product ID # : 16x16
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20x16 Kit

Pre-Cut Deck for DIY Assembly

Starting at $10900.00
Product ID # : 20x16
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View Some Decks from our Outdoor Showroom:

View Some Decks from our Outdoor Showroom:

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